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With an intuitive reading, past, present and future events of a person’s life appears on the tarot card along with helpful, deep spiritual guidance.

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Why Past?

It helps to make sense of what has happened and what is coming on a person’s life path.

Why Present?

Whatever is happening in a person’s present life, a lot of times is a reflection of what decisions a person took on his/her past. So it also helps the person to make sense of his/her life’s journey and most importantly helps to learn about one’s self and to make wiser future life decisions.

Future is the most prominent information that appears on the tarot cards which I also combine with intuitive life coaching. Thereby providing the person with deep spiritual insight about the person’s self, life path and journey.

Intuitive Readings with Tarot Cards

The intuitive reading sessions are usually led intuitively and each session is unique & highly individual. During an intuitive reading there is a lot of processing, releasing, and transmuting of energies in the mental, emotional, and specially physical since information about the person’s health may arise throughout the intuitive reading session.

Intuitive readings provide in-depth information about a person’s soul journey and life path. Intuitive readings help provide clarity on one’s life purpose.
Everyone have their own intuitive powers, we all are born with them. It’s just that some pay more attention than others by listening or feeling their “ inner-knowing “, “ subconscious “, “ inner world “, gut feeling “, intuition or however you will like to call it.

A successful intuitive reading leaves the client feeling empowered, more knowledgeable and more in touch with his/her self about his/her own gifts, abilities, health, about their life’s path and soul journey.

What is an intuitive reading?

Intuitive reading vary depending on the person giving the reading, and the person who is having the reading.

I as an intuitive reader, tap into past, present and future of each individual’s life path and soul journey. With or with out tarot cards. The reason that I use tarot cards is because it gives me and the client a clear and more direct visual idea of what is going on in the client’s life. Bringing along with helpful inner-guidance to propel the client to activate their highest potential for him/her self.

Our subconscious is the source of our intuition.

Our subconscious is the place, where we store all our memories, experiences, impressions, etc. If a person has a strong intuition, he/she gets the necessary information from there. When a person uses his/her intuition he/she will automatically review which information is already in the “store” for an item or a human. When using our intuition, we easily read “between the lines” and search for the hidden thought from everywhere.

Future-oriented intuition

Future-oriented intuition brings us the development o
Events in advance and as a result, it helps us understand that circumstances will or could change instead of having things remain the same. Future-oriented intuition also helps us understand the possible solution to a variety of existing situations in advance.

Our intuition brings us thoughts that are often ahead of their time. Helps us feel and see future visions where everything is in place with a clear feeling or picture of the whole. Therefore, paying attention to our intuition helps us plan for work and evaluating the opportunities for various projects and different scenarios in our life’s path and soul journey.

Our intuition helps us understand the situation as a whole, as global, and helps us see more detail and individual parts. When the information is acquired it helps us connect the various parts into one whole.


Want to learn more about how to understand & develop your intuition?

Register for ( intuition class ) on the events calendar!, or email, call Griselda Wegener 480.306.2920
It will bring you much fun and insight!

Class topics:
. Understanding what intuition is.
. How does intuition work.
. Different forms of perceiving your intuition.
. How and where does intuition feels or manifest in the Body.
. Practicing with your intuition abilities activities.
. How to understand and develop your intuitive abilities.

Plus: each student gets a free 5 minute tarot card reading at the end of class!

Tuition fee on: ( shop ) page or search.

( learn how to read tarot cards class! ) is also available on the events calendar! A very fun class with lots of insight as well!

This is a more advanced class so it is recommended but not obligatory to take the ( intuition class ) first since it will be helpful for the student to understand how his/her intuition manifests within their body so they can “ feel and interpret ” the tarot cards a bit more easier.

If you already do understand how your intuition manifests within your body, then learning how to read tarot cards may be easier for you without the first class.

Class topics:
. How does intuition work.
. Understanding the card structure.
. Activities and practice with oracle tarot cards which it contains the meaning of chakras, colors, numbers and different scenarios on a person’s life. Angel cards will be another learning way.
. Different card spread.

Tuition info on: ( shop ) page or search.
Register, dates & times: ( events ) page.
Or email, call Griselda Wegener 480.306.2920