Frequently Asked Questions

How much for the coaching sessions / how long?

  • Initial Session (90 Mins) $140. ($10 Save)
  • Individual Sessions (60 Mins) $100
  • Monthly Package (4 Sessions 60 Mins Each Session) $350 ($50 Save)
  • Three Months Package (12 Sessions Total, 4 Sessions per month, 60 Mins each Session) $1000. ($200 Save)I take most kinds of payment methods.

How many sessions do I need?

Depends on the client’s desires and goals.

How are your life coaching skills going to help me accomplish my goals and dreams?

I will help you design a personalized plan of action that shows you step by step the kind of strategies that you need to put into practice in order to achieve the kind of life that you dream of.

How does the plan of action work?

You and I will jointly decide a personalized plan of action which consists of asking you questions to help you find within you your own answers and also we will be brainstorming with different strategies that will best suit your goals and dreams.

Then you will implement those strategies to your daily life or as needed with a deadline to help you stay focused toward achieving your goals and dreams.

All of this will be written on paper step-by-step for your to follow

(All of this happens at the initial 90 minute session)

How do you track my progress?

I, as your life coach, will check with you on your progress once per week or 3-4 times per month if there is a package program.

(Keep in mind that in order for you to be able to achieve your goals and dreams, you must be committed to the plan of action)

Why Packages?

Session package is available for long term goals or if the client needs more support during their life and or self improvement process.

Why invest my money with your life coaching?

I have been practicing life coaching over the last 5 years and it has been a very rewarding and fulfilling career for me because it’s my life’s passion to bring people self empowerment through a personalized plan of action so they can create the life they dream of.

If you desire a more balanced, happier and fulfilled life, I feel that this will be a great investment to help you to accomplish all of that and more.