Griselda Wegener

Griselda Wegener has over five years of Life Coaching, Chakra alignments and Intuitive readings experience.


She pairs this with a deep passion and enjoyment for bringing people a feeling of greater self empowerment. Griselda’s mission is to propel and empower individuals toward their spiritual growth and to help them with physical healing so that they can find freedom through the blossoming of their lives while accomplishing the life they love!

In the grassy fields of her grandparent’s ranch in Sinaloa, Mexico, Griselda Wegener spent her earlier days learning about the indigenous traditions of the region known by her two grandmothers who were both Curandersas (medicine women). Beginning at the age of two, she spent every summer at her grandparent’s ranch and developed a love for nature, animals and people. In helping her grandmother (Mama Beba) assist animals in giving birth, she discovered a love for alleviating suffering as well as an uncanny ability in healing processes and to attune to all living beings in a special way.

Griselda helps her clients design a personalized plan of action that shows them step-by-step the kind of strategies that they need to implement into their lives in order to achieve their goals and the life of their dreams. In addition to life coaching, Griselda offers her clients deep spiritual and practical guidance through her Intuitive Tarot Card Readings. She also offers Balancing of the Chakras with Reiki techniques to activate the natural healing processes of the body, restore physical and emotional well-being and to help you understand where imbalances might be, what that signifies and how to maintain greater balance.

Griselda’s education is through the South West Institute of Healing Arts Tempe, AZ (2007-2012) and includes Holistic Healthcare, Transformational Life Coaching, Stress Management, Spiritual Studies and Reiki. She is fluent in both Spanish and English and is happy to help you lead a more balanced, successful and fulfilling life.

Call her today at 480 306-2920 to set up your appointment to start living the life you love!

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